Dame Shirley Porter Story LifeDame Shirley Porter – Politician, Environmentalist and Humanitarian

Dame Shirley Porter is an English philanthropist and former UK politician residing in Israel. As a politician Dame Porter’s main objective was to clean up London, from an environmental as well as moral standpoint. Her efforts were recognised by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and by Prime Minister Thatcher’s successor, John Major.

After being elected a member of the Westminster City Council, Dame Shirley implemented policies that greatly improved sanitation services and closed down several sex shops around the Soho area. Her efforts resulted in her being promoted to leader of the Council and subsequently becoming Lord Mayor of Westminster. After serving as Lord Mayor for a year, Dame Shirley Porter was awarded the title of Dame by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. During her years as a British politician, Dame Porter also headed various campaigns that tackled racism and environmental issues.

Philanthropic Projects

After retiring from English politics, Dame Shirley Porter started devoting her time to various humanitarian endeavours. Dame Porter established the Porter School of Environmental Studies (PSES) at the Tel Aviv University. The objective of this development is to educate a new generation of environmentalists in ways to make a global contribution to improving the environment. Dame Shirley Porter’s efforts were acknowledged by the Israeli Union of Environmental NGOs with a Green Globe award.

Besides her award winning work at improving the environment, Dame Porter also makes substantial contributions to organisations in the United Kingdom and Israel through the Porter Foundation. In the United Kingdom, the foundation is a notable patron of the arts and contributes to various art galleries, the Imperial War Museum and the Royal Opera. Through the foundation, Dame Shirley Porter also provides funding and assistance to various educational and cultural organisations in Israel and has continued her parents’ legacy of caring for the aged and infirm by funding various facilities that serve this purpose.

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